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Milton Keynes Humanists provides a means for like-minded individuals in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas to meet and have a forum for the discussion of humanist values, principles and relevant subjects. We also aim to raise awareness of humanist perspectives.

And if you were wondering ... a Humanist is a person who has a strong interest in or concern for human welfare and values, and for promoting human dignity.

If you want to listen in to some of the internal debates that are going on within the group and take our 'pulse', log into and 'like' our Facebook page. Enjoy!

N e x t M e e t i n g
13th October 

Nanny State: Should the State Promote Moral Behaviour?

Are we getting too much advice/too many laws from Government about how we should live our lives, especially when it comes to eating, drinking, smoking and using drugs? We have seen progressive banishment of tobacco smoking (even in public places), and labelling on foodstuffs (to discourage junk foods/eating too much fat, sugar and salt), mandatory helmet laws (bicycles next?); talk of setting minimum prices on alcohol (to discourage binge-drinking); the ban on cannabis; and efforts to outlaw all forms of gambling that don’t take place in government-run casinos — and the European Commission restricting the import of certain jelly confectionery (widely available in the Far East) because there is a risk of choking, or banning mercury in barometers... (We could cite many more examples..)

Here are some extracts from a fascinating book on the subject* — the observations are about America but similar things are happening here in Britain:

“The government, under pressure from the nanny minority, is twisting the public’s arm into obedience. Playground police, food fascists, anti-porn crusaders — whether they're legislating morality or wellbeing — nannies are popping up all over America. In the name of health, safety, decency, and — shudder — good intentions, these ever-vigilant politicians and social activists are dictating what we eat, where we smoke, what we watch and read, and whom we marry.

Why do bureaucrats think they know what's better for us than we do? And are they selectively legislating in the name of political expediency? For instance, why do we ban mini-motorbikes, responsible for five deaths each year, and not skiing, which accounts for fifty? We all know that foods high in fat, sugar, and salt are bad for us. And that we shouldn't eat too much. But do we really need legislation requring restaurants to limit their portions, or to offer healthier menu choices?

Micromanaging our lives won't make us safer, healthier, and more decent. Only self-control will." 

We’ll be trying to get to grips with some of these challenging issues in our October Meeting. You are welcome to join us.

**  ‘Nanny State: how food fascists, teetotaling do-gooders, priggish moralists, and other boneheaded bureaucrats are turning America into a nation of children’, David Harsanyi, Broadway Books (2007).

Our meetings are open to all who want to engage in constructive dialogue. We are not interested in dogma...

MK Humanist meetings are open to anyone who is genuinely interested:
they are free and there is no obligation to become a member! 

Famous Non-Believers

Here are some photos of famous people, dead and alive, who have rejected the idea of a 'god'. How many can you identify?

Click here for details of our  2016 PROGRAMME (Provisional) . 

I n t r o d u c t i o n  to  H u m a n i s m

If you'd like to watch a short video introduction to Humanism prepared by the British Humanist Association (BHA) go to this link: The video lasts 5 minutes and includes interviews with Philip Pullman, AC Grayling, Polly Toynbee, Tim Minchin, Andrew Copson, Richard Dawkins, Rumy Hasan and Zoe Margolis. We can also recommend the companion video which deals with secularism and the BHA:

And if you'd like a clear statement of the atheist (or more strictly anti-theist) position, you won't find anything more absorbing than the case made by the late Christopher Hitchens You might also try 'The Idiots Guide to Atheism' If after all that you still want to know more, perhaps you should consider coming to one of our meetings...

In March 2014 the BHA published a series of short videos about Humanism. They are a delight. The videos are narrated by Stephen Fry.and address four important questions: How do we know what is true? What should we think about death? How can I be happy? What makes something right or wrong? Enjoy!

I n   B r i e f

Here's a brief overview of recent developments (excluding feedback from our monthly meetings): 

Aug 14: Five members of MKH attend the World Humanist Congress in Oxford and return fired up after meeting with / listening to so many interesting and compassionate freethinkers and non-believers from all over the world, including the odd 'firebrand atheist'; and some very brave individuals who have put their lives on the line by rejecting faith.

Jul 14: Group holds its summer (cream tea) party on the Grand Union Canal.

Jun 14: HumanistLife publishes an article by Mike Flood on 'Humanism and Culture', which contains the results of a mini survey of the group's cultural dimensions (as identified by Geert Hofstede). The article also speculates on whether some cultures are more or less prone to religiosity / atheism than others. 

Apr 14: MKH makes a donation to support the distribution to secondary schools in Milton Keynes of copies of Alom Shaha’s compassionate and beautifully-written book ‘The Young Atheist’s Handbook’. The press cover in MK News provokes a number of letters to the editor and a reply from the group (21 May)

Mar 14: Four MKH members attend a BHA training course for volunteers to speak about Humanism in schools.

Nov 13: We are very proud when MKH is invited to ‘dress’ the Human Rights Day Pillar at the inauguration of the MK Rose. This remembers the day in 1948 (10 Dec) when the UN General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (probably the most single most important document produced in the 20th Century). Two days later we lay a wreath at the Armistice Day Pillar in a non-religious.

Oct 13: The BHA publishes an article by us on ‘What Kind of Atheist Are You?’ in HumanistLife ( It provides an analysis of different terms used to describe people who do not believe in the idea of god. A follow-up note is published in the November edition. 

Jun 13: Former Girl Guide, Andrea Quayle, interviewed by Three Counties Radio about the change in the Guide's promise -- a guide will no longer promise to 'love her God' but undertake to 'be true to herself and to develop her beliefs'.

Jan 13: Mike Flood interviewed on Three Counties Radio in connection to the recent ruling by the European Court of Human

Nov 12Attended a meeting of BHA partner and affiliate groups in London; laid a wreath at the War Memorial in Bletchley on Remembrance Day.

Oct 12 Took part in local consultations about the design of the MK Rose which is being built in Campbell Park (see artist's impression below).

Jun 12: We have from the outset been committed to promoting the work of the BHA and supporting its aims and campaigns. In June we became a full partner to the BHA (see below). We have now prepared a public display on Humanism and the work of MKH and the BHA and we put this on display in Stony Stratford Library. Do take a look if you're in the area! 

Mar 12: At the beginning of the year we agreed that we would like to do something to support local charities, and we chose to contribute to MK Food Bank. We made a good start at our March meeting with a variety of items donated by our members. As the Food Banks says: Hunger is not just a third world problem. Even in our prosperous new city of Milton Keynes, there are many people living on the edge of poverty. The Food Bank has been able to help thousands of individuals and families who have experienced a crisis of some type.

Nov 11: Attended the opening of the MK Rose (in Campbell Park) and laid a wreath at the War Memorial in Bletchley on Remembrance Day; attended a meeting of BHA partner and affiliate groups in London.

Oct 11: Co-opted onto the local SACRE (Standing Advisory Group on Religious Education); hope to have some input into the development of religious education in the city.

Sept 11Worked with parents of young children concerned about the activities of local evangelical groups in their children's schools.

Jul 11Invited to give talk on 'Humanism' to the Milton Keynes Interfaith Group; interested to find how much we have in common with many (though not all!) in the groups represented.

We have also been getting to know some of the faith groups in Milton Keynes.

A b o u t   U s

Milton Keynes Humanists:

  • provides a means for like-minded individuals in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas to meet and have a forum for the discussion of humanist values, principles and relevant subjects;
  • raises awareness of humanist perspectives;
  • campaigns for respect for those who seek to live ethical and responsible lives without religious or superstitious beliefs
  • campaigns against religious privilege; and 
  • supports local initiatives concerned with charity and public service.

We aim to do these things in a way that is welcoming, tolerant and enjoyable. We've highlighted some of the things we are interested in/concerned about in the wordcloud.

F a i t h   i n   H u m a n i t y

We are a partner of the British Humanist Association and share its vision of “a world without religious privilege or discrimination, where people are free to live good lives on the basis of reason, experience and shared human values”. Humanists believe that Man created God, and not the other way around -- as Richard Dawkins has observed: "We are all atheists about most of the Gods humanity has ever believed in, some of us just go one God further". If you would like to find out more about Humanism please contact us using the links on this site, or come along to one of our meetings. You don't have to be a member.  




















































MKH Meetings & Events

We hold our meetings on the second Thursday of every month at York House Centre, London Road, Stony Stratford [19.00, first floor].

But please note: We do not normally hold meetings in December and August, these months are reserved for our socials (our Winter or Summer Solstice Party).