Humanist Ceremonies
"Humanists recognize that it is only when people feel free to think for themselves, using
reason as their guide, that they are best capable of developing values that succeed in
satisfying human needs and serving human interests.”         Isaac Asimov

Humanist ceremonies and celebrations have been developed in response to a real need for good non-religious rituals to mark the significant turning points in life. More people recognise that religion is not for them and feel uncomfortable, even hypocritical having a religious ceremony. They recognise that life without religion does not mean a life without morality. They want a ceremony that is distinctive, personal and significant, specifically devised for them.

People who lead such ceremonies and celebrations are known as Humanist Celebrants or Humanist Officiants. Humanist UK provides training and accreditation of celebrants and officiants. Milton Keynes Humanists endorse and recommend these. A list of accredited local celebrants and officiants can be found on the Humanist UK website. Non-accredited / independent humanist celebrants and officiants in the area may offer similar services, but we are not in a position to endorse or recommend such individuals.

Baby Naming

Fewer people today choose to have their baby christened and many seek a more inclusive way of marking this happy event. Humanist UK has years of experience in preparing inclusive ceremonies, so that all those who attend can relate to what is said, whether they are religious or not. Most parents choose to hold the ceremony at the start of a celebratory party, either in their home or at a special venue. Parents may state their love for and commitment to their child, and their hopes for their future welfare and happiness. They may include poetry or prose readings and music. Instead of godparents, people choose relatives or friends to become 'guide parents', 'supporting adults', 'mentors' or 'special friends', who can join the ceremony, saying how they will be there for the child as he or she grows up.

Humanist Weddings & Affirmations

A humanist wedding or affirmation can take place anywhere and be designed to suit the individuals. It may be as dignified and serious as a church wedding, but with the religious element replaced by words and music that have real meaning for the individuals involved.

Couples can be as romantic and creative in designing their ceremony as they wish. Humanist ceremonies have been held in gardens, marquees, on boats, in castles, on beaches. Couples with children can make them a part of the ceremony. No two celebrations are the same -- they can be as traditional or as unusual as suits the people marrying.

You can watch a short Humanists UK video on Humanist weddings here


There are a growing number of people for whom religion is unimportant, or who have made a clear decision to live their live without it. For them and their families a religious funeral service seems insincere and brings little comfort. It does not feel the right way to say farewell to someone who did not have a religious view of life and death.

Trained Humanist Celebrants offer personal and dignified funeral ceremonies for those who have chosen to live without religion.The ceremony will be personal and have warmth and meaning for the bereaved.
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