Group Activities
"Humanism involves far more than the negation of supernaturalism.
It requires an affirmative philosophy…translated into a life devoted
to one's own improvement and the service of all mankind."

Corliss Lamont
The programme of monthly meetings is our group's main focus and communal activity. But we are involved in a number of  other activities, both locally and nationally.

Monthly Meetings

This is a photo of our March 2017 meeting, on 'Humanism & Islam'. It took the form of a discussion with Salah Al-Ansari from Quilliam, the anti-extremist group.

Salah is a theologian and scholar of Islam and well-respected by both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Matt Haughton is chairing the meeting.

Book Group

Our Book Group currently has ~12 regular members who meet on the first Monday of the month (usually for lunch at a local pub). The Group like to read both fiction and non-fiction, and is relaxed about members failing to finish (or even start) a book!
Here are some recent titles: ‘The Reader’ (Bernhard Schlink); ‘Post-Truth’ (Matthew d'Ancona); ‘Homo Deus: A brief history of tomorrow’ (Yuval Noah Harari); ‘The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman (Denis Theriault); and ‘The Reader on the 6.27’ (Jean-Paul Didierlaurent), which one of our 'regulars' is holding up at this recent gathering.
And if you fancy reading a book with a true Humanist hero, the Book Group recommends Jill Paton Walsh's 'Knowledge of Angels', which was the first book it looked at. We'll add a contact email shortly...

Liaising with Other Groups in MK

We like to support local initiatives concerned with community development and regularly attend meetings of Citizens.MK (such as the one shown here, in Christ the Cornerstone, in January 2017, which involved its Weaving Trust initiative).

We have also attended a number of meetings organised by local Muslim groups, and we have spoken at the Interfaith MK and given talks to other groups, including local schools.

Remembrance Day

On Armistice Day MK Humanists lays a wreath to remember  the many thousands of non-believers who lost their lives in conflict last century. We are fortunate to have the Milton Keynes Rose in Campbell Park,* where the event is secular.

One part of the Humanist Family is the Defence Humanists, which represents the interests of those in the military who subscribe to non-religious beliefs. Among other things it lobbies for humanists to be allowed to participate in the National Remembrance Day Commemoration at the Cenotaph.

* MKH was proud to play a part in the inauguration of the MK Rose in 2013.

Liasing with Other Humanist Groups

MK Humanists is typical of local humanist groups and one of 46 Partner Groups to Humanists UK. We usually send a couple of delegates to the annual local groups meeting (shown here); we also take part in national and international conferences on humanism, and have close links with humanists in other local groups.

Other humanist associations in the UK include: the Humanist Society of Scotland, Humani (the Humanist Association of Northern Ireland — ‘Protestant & Catholic Atheists’), and the Isle of Man Freethinkers. The National Federation of Atheist, Humanist & Secularist Student Societies also lists 29 university and college groups. So that’s a total of around 100 humanist groups in the country.
The UK is host to the International Humanist & Ethical Union. There are also over 100 MPs and Peers in the All Party Parliamentary Humanist Group; and over 130 prominent philosophers, scientists and other thinkers / experts actively support the cause.
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