"Be kind. It’s really not complicated. Don’t do anything to others that you wouldn’t done to you. We don’t need priests, monks, gurus, imams, shamans, or druids to tell us that. And enjoy yourself. Your existence is miraculous, you have won the lottery. Seize every minute
on this glorious planet. Run, laugh, shout, hug, kiss, dance, climb, taste, touch, and
swim while you can. For most of eternity, we are nothingness.”        Dan Snow

We hold our public meetings on the second Thursday of the month at York House [London Road, Stony Stratford, MK11 1JQ — shown here].

We discuss all kinds of issues, and always try to keep meetings topical and relevant to what's going on locally and nationally. The main topic areas are listed below.

Meetings start at 19.00 and typically conclude around 21.30. Please use the rear entrance so as not to disturb other activities that may be going on in the main hall.
Our meetings are held on the first floor. They are open to anyone who is genuinely interested in finding out more about humanism / secularism, and they are free to newcomers — and you get tea and biscuits!

  2018  Provisional Programme
11 Jan    'This Awe-Full World' (living with wonder in times of uncertainty)             Mike & Susan
8   Feb    'Is Democracy in Crisis Post Truth?' (AC Grayling’s latest book)                  Book Group

8   Mar    'Vegan, Vegie, Insectivore or Carnivore: who’s right?'                                    Speaker TBC

5   Apr    'Heavens for Real' (recent developments in astronomy)            MK Astronomical Society TBC
10 May    AGM + 'Social Media: Friend or Foe?'                                                      (Humanists UK)  TBC

7   Jun    'Communicating across Cultures & Faiths'                                                    Weaving Trust TBC

5   Jul    'Should Britain be Ashamed of its Colonial Past?'                                          Daphne + Mike

     Aug    'Outing or Party
6   Sep    'Great Lives'                                                                                                      Multiple Contributions

11 Oct    'Women’s Equality'                                                                Women’s Equality Party Speaker TBC

8   Nov    'Crowded Planet: are there too many people on Earth?'                             Speaker TBC
     Dec    Outing or Party

January 2018 - This Awe-Full World (living with wonder in times of uncertainty)   
Mike & Susan

Details to follow shortly.
February 2018 - Is Democracy in Crisis Post Truth? (AC Grayling’s latest book)    
Book Group

Details to follow shortly.

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